Who are we?

Andrea Belén, etérea’s founder, professional skilled in International Relations, with design certificate, activist and representative of the Slow Fashion movement*, responsible for social change in the areas of communication and emotional intelligence, also founder of the Board of Directors of the Costa Rican Fashion Cluster together with the Costa Rican foreign trade Institution (PROCOMER) ; with the help of Diana Trejos Herrera, psychologist and social development expert, with a 10 years experience in political, economic and social projects development; met on an afternoon in order to discuss the most important projects and social initiatives that emerged during throughout etérea’s development. Further to this conversation, taking into account the same willingness to build a better world, was born the etérea’s foundation, to help the brand and officially promote its actions that are a source of positive impact on society and also respond to challenges such as global development and fashion industry carrying out 3 values :

1) The Slow Fashion movement promotion.
2) Sustainability in humanitarian and social actions.
3) Gender equality, social integration and participation.

Andrea Belén (left), Diana Trejos Herrera (right)


– Be a source of economic development with, by and for women and also contribute to local entrepreneurship.
– Help for a greater access to decent jobs.
– Be the Slow Fashion spokesperson.
– Be part of Fair Trade.
– Promote and facilitate projects that contribute to sustainable development in the fashion industry and responding to social challenges.
– Build strategic alliances in favor of sustainable development.
– Speak in favor of sustainable fashion.


Help, manage and develop initiatives that contribute and protect sustainable development in the fashion industry by the way of 3 values: Slow Fashion, environment sustainability, the human being, gender and social integration.


Join and coordinate people’s efforts and talents, organizations and businesses who are willing to build a better world through projects promoting and guaranteeing social and environmental sustainability by the way of fashion.

* What is Slow Fashion?

Slow Fashion is a responsible way of consuming fashion. This movement intends to raise awareness among consumers and educate citizens about how fashion impacts the environment, resource depletion and society.

Our commitments as a Slow Fashion brand are:

– Smart consumption
– Small scale production
-Equal treatment for customers and collaborators
-High quality and sustainable products
-Contribute to create an organic and responsible economic growth

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